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In the present scenario, Wordpress is one of the largest self-hosted blogging devices on the Internet. Wordpress is primarily the revised version of the old b2/cafe log platform, with added and improved functionalities viz. customization of themes, categories, templates, plug ins, tags, link management etc.

The USP of Wordpress lies in its being an open source tool. So several people can work on it separately and consistently to develop and enhance the application. It is absolutely free for you to download and enjoy!

The WordPress publishing structure relies on PHP and MySQL and is entirely open to customization which is the backbone of most the current Web 2.0 development.

Wordpress is one of the most popular Open Source platform like Drupal Development and Joomla Development.

Benefits of WordPress Using as CMS

  • WordPress is easily customized so you create a CMS platform exactly according to the precise functionality and appearances that you want from your blog.
  • The resulting blog and the site's CMS can easily be integrated and handled by single CMS
  • As a CMS, WordPress can be very user-friendly and can be easily organized without knowing any coding language.
  • • Ready-to-use high quality templates and themes are available. These can also be customized further to fit for your CMS requirements

Features of WordPress make it an excellent Website Maintenance Tool

The nature of customization offered by a Wordpress-based CMS is not only offline but can also be done with equal ease online. Once your website goes online you can edit, delete, and modify any part of your site without knowing any kind of computer programming or even HTML.

CMS WordPress Development can offer you the flexibility to customize the same keeping in view the requirements of your business. Once your website goes online you can edit, delete, and modify any part of your site without having any idea of programming or even HTML.

Wordpress' inbuilt widgets and plug-ins can be effectively use to create advanced blogging facilities which will add popularity to your site by giving users more options.

Phpdeveloperindia offers WordPress Plug ins Development and Wordpress Theme Development Services to provide you tailored solutions for all your website's content requirements.


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