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ENGEN is a platform where the trainers/facilitators can measure the trainee’s/user’s understanding of the tools they were taught to use. Facilitators can post a challenge in the form of a question, with links to recommended reading and other resources, to be answered by the users/staff members. When the users answer the brief using the given tools they get points for each field completed. These points will then be displayed on the user’s profile and on a leader board on the home page (If said user is in the lead). The home page must show all recent activity by all registered users, similar to facebook’s newsfeed. All users can comment on each other’s answers or “like” said answers. If another user “Like’s” your answer you get two points #Login

  • Facilitator , Manager and Admin can register to the system
  • Facilitator , Manager and Admin can login to the system
  • Post challenge by the facilitator
  • User can answer on the post challenge.
  • User can get the points on the same
  • User can make comments on the other user’s answers.