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Project Details

Project Details
Project Type : Fishermen Community
Category : Community & Social Media
Techonology : PHP/Joomla, Jquery, HTML, DIV/CSS


Member Login, My Profile, Create Fishing Groups, Share fishing photos and videos, view catch, add a catch, Details of the catched fish, Search


Figjam Fishing is a social community website wherein all the fishermen get together and update their best catches of fish, and discuss various adventurous events too. After logged user can update his profile, invite friends, make friends groups, create photo albums and add videos. He can send messages to his friends and that recipient in the friend list and the received images will be saved in the inbox. The member can add his catch here and can view the catches abd can search the catches by Fish Type. Also he can add and search for groups. In this site the fisherman can show off the fish he catch, learn new tips and tricks, and even find the best fishing spots by checking out exact catch locations on the fishing maps. Admin can manage the member account, profile, search results, messages, Inbox, etc. from the admin panel.

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