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Project Detail

Project Type: Fishermen Community

Category: Community & Social Media


  • Profile: -> The profile page displays detailed information about user. -> Each user can edit his/her profile. -> Each user profile has its own privacy setting. -> User can upload or remove his/her profile picture.
  • Friends: -> User can invite his/her friends to this community. -> User can see his/her friend profile. -> User can search his/her friend. -> User can send request to his/her friend.
  • Private Messaging: -> User can send private messages to the friends list.
  • Groups: -> User can create group. -> User can edit in groups -> User can change group avatar. -> User can invite friends to his/her group. -> User can manage group members.
  • Creating Album and uploading photos and videos: -> User can create album and upload photos and photos.
  • Other features: -> Latest member, latest group and recent activities could be displayed in each profile. -> User can see people who are currently online. -> You and your friends are able to leave a comment on your Profile Page. -> User can add his/her catch and latest catches can display on profile home page.