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Flashcard is an education based app which has the following screens and features:

    • Splash Screen
    • Home Screen
    • Decks – User can view the added flashcard topics on this screen from where they can start reviewing flashcards.
    • Flashcard detail screen –User can review the flashcards
    • View Note – If notes has been added to selected flashcard then small symbol will be shown from where user can view note
    • Add flashcard category in deck
    • Flashcard categories – Here user can review different flashcards categories
    • Add to deck – User can add the selected flashcard category in their deck which is presented on home screen in deck list.
    • Edit deck
    • Delete – User can remove the selected flash card category from deck
    • Edit Flash card


  • Help
  • Deck Name
  • Deck Code
  • Edit Cards (from Edit Deck)
  • Edit cards
  • List of cards
  • Search card
  • Delete card
  • Card details
  • Edit Header
  • Edit body
  • Edit Category
  • Add/remove picture
  • Add/ remove notes
  • About us
  • Contact us





  • Ipad
  • Iphone


  • Education