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The Project

Weirdo is a community app with 5 tabs that bring you social life to your palm-
  • Feed- Feed shows all updates by other users such as photo updates who they followed etc.
  • Share- Share option can be used to share any photos on the screen. User can share these photos on facebook, twitter or flickr as well.
  • News- News shows any new or exciting update with badges.
  • Profile- This tab gives you all the information about the user such as photos, description followers as well as the list of people followed by the user. User can also search for friends, update their profile info or make their photos public or private using this option.
  • Popular
  • Feed
  • Share
  • News
  • Profile
  • Popula
All weird and interesting photos uploaded by users are displayed according to Day, Week, Month and All Options. By clicking upon the photos the user can move on to the detail screen where he can leave his comments or click on ‘weird’ if he liked the photo.