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Flash/Flex Widget Development

Time is money! How true is this, in today’s world! Saving time in all arenas of activities is the perfect manifestation of smart working. This is how a widget works! It works smartly, saves time and adds value to the browsing experience of the visitors.

Widgets are small group of code that can be set up and used by any end user with no addition compilation task. Gadget, module, webjit, capsule, flake, badge are a few of the terms that comes under widget category.

Flash widgets are frequently used by professional for various tasks and enable them to enhance the quality in less time. Flash widgets are augmenting the interactivity in the online business and are emerging as one of the Best Marketing and Promotional Tools. Social networking site like “Facebook” are leveraging the widgets to attract more and more members.

Benefits of Flash/Flex Widget Development

  • You can generate a buzz before your site is officially launched and leverage the viral impact of widget by posting it on blogs, sites, forums, and social networking sites.
  • You can incorporate all types of contents in a dynamic tool i.e. videos, music and images.
  • It will facilitate the traffic of your site, playing SEO tool also
  • It will allow you build a brand name for your company, product, service and projects on the web.
  • Handle the promotion and marketing of your business to be reached by everyone.

Why Phpdeveloperindia

Phpdeveloperindia, can provide Flash/Flex Widget Development India services for changing the live content on your website also in the form of Content Management System. The same widget can be utilized for multiple sites which can be associated with the same server.

We are experts and highly experienced to offer tailor-made Flash/Flex Widget Development Services. In addition, you can also get our predefined standard widgets.

Let’s get together to discuss your requirement of Interactive Flash/Flex Widget Development services!


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Full Time

  • 8 hours a day & 20 Days / month
  • Total: 160 hours / month
  • Minimum period of hiring: 2 months
  • Billing: Monthly


  • 4 hours a day & 20 Days / month
  • Total: 80 hours / month
  • Minimum period of hiring: 2 months
  • Billing: Monthly


  • Customized duration or as work go
  • Minimum period of hiring: 20 Hours
  • Billing: Weekly Advance

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