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The Project

Meteor Electrical is a business app that makes online shopping a pleasant experience for the users.

  • Allows to create account with which the user can perform online shopping
  • Select desired products from different categories with customized Currency and localized dynamic prices.
  • Allows users to create or load user-friendly basket to reuse it later.
  • Performs shopping in most streamlined and intuitive fashion.
  • In case of a query , it allows users to place a direct call to support Team.
  • Login Screen:
  • Allows the user to login with ther id credentials
  • Contains Forget Password and Create New Account Options .
  • Contains Browsing Categories Tab, Search Tab , Basket Tab, Settings Tab and Final Menu Tab in the Tabbed Screen respectively.
  • Basket Tab allows the user to perform shopping of the desired cart with the existing or new cards respectively.


  • Android


  • Business