Leveraging PHP to its True Potential

About Php Developer India

0PHPDeveloperIndia started out with a vision of provided high-quality yet affordable web solutions to meet the needs of small and mid-sized enterprises that were looking to establish a prominent web presence.

From the economy point of view we decided to employ open source tools. To our pleasant surprise, we soon discovered that open source tools were not only cheaper but possessed more powerful functionalities packed into more user-friendly modules than similar licensed software. Since then, we have been maximizing the leverage of open source technology.

PHP is one of the most popular open source scripting languages used in website development. It can create useful functions executed by the web browser and at the same, it can also run even more powerful server-side scripts to control a website’s specific action responses and improve general work flows. In fact, PHP is a perfect server-side language.

Coupled with state-of-the-art infrastructure and a team of professionals, expert in their respective domains, we have been extending innovative and inexpensive, power packed services to our world-wide clients for last more than 7 years.


At Phpdeveloperindia is a rapidly emerging as a prominent, website designing, online marketing services and software development company across the world.

Although our primarily our clientele consists of companies from the US, Canada and the UK, lately we have been expanding into other markets across Europe, the Middle East and North Africa , with remarkable success

Our services not only include Website Design and Development, but also web promotions, SEO services, marketing and promotional campaigning. We offer our services, by cleverly leveraging the right open source internet tools, the latest technologies available and an in depth knowledge of various verticals and domains.

Our philosophy and strategy are really quite simple: Develop world-class, quality solutions, cost effectively by carefully deploying reliable open source technologies most suited to produce outstanding and functionally useful results for our clients. Thus, providing every customer maximum value for every dollar spent on software development.

As our Portfolio of work will testify that, thus far, this strategy has been serving us, and our ever-expanding client base, very well for the past seven years!


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Engagement option

Full Time

  • 8 hours a day & 20 Days / month
  • Total: 160 hours / month
  • Minimum period of hiring: 2 months
  • Billing: Monthly


  • 4 hours a day & 20 Days / month
  • Total: 80 hours / month
  • Minimum period of hiring: 2 months
  • Billing: Monthly


  • Customized duration or as work go
  • Minimum period of hiring: 20 Hours
  • Billing: Weekly Advance

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